Warner Brothers have released a trailer for the upcoming Watchmen movie.

Almost anybody who reads comics will tell you that Watchmen is probably the greatest superhero story of all time. They’ll probably also tell you that it’s one of the finest works of literature to come out of the 20th Century. It’s not like other comics, it’s in a different league.

Watchmen is sacred to many who love comics (myself included), mainly because it treats comics and superheroes with such maturity and respect. It fulfills some of the potential that avid comic book readers always felt that the medium had. After you have read Watchmen, you’ll never be able to say comics are just for kids.

The elevated status of Watchmen means that any movie adaptation has to be made very carefully indeed. With this in mind, the trailer causes me some distress.

I have had my concerns about the choice of director from the outset. I enjoyed Zack Snyder’s adaptation of 300, but it was not what I would consider a great movie. The directorial style was flashy and so reliant on CGI that it made the movie look completely unreal. While that wasn’t such a problem with 300, because Frank Miller’s comic was similarly obsessed with style, Watchmen is a far more subtle piece of work.

Unfortunately, the Watchmen trailer seems to confirm my worst fears.

The rock soundtrack instantly gives the movie totally the wrong feel. I like The Smashing Pumpkins, but that track was last used in Batman and Robin for God’s sake. Worse, I haven’t seen CGI that unwieldy since The Mummy Returns. I felt like I was watching a videogame for some of those sequences.

I sincerely hope that my first impressions are wrong and that this movie is everything it should be, but it doesn’t look good.


One Response to “Watchmen”

  1. Tell me about it. I thought it was a video game advert! Why can’t they use good old fashioned sets and animatronics….From the trailer it looks like all subtlety has been lost…but then I kind of agreed with Alan Moore when he said it was unfilmable. Then again I knew what we were going to get when I heard Snyder was doing it, because, although I vaguely enjoyed 300, one thing about that film was clear…Subtle, it wasn’t!

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