The Ultimates

I’ve been meaning to post about The Ultimates since I finished reading the first two volumes a few weeks ago.

In one of my older posts, I said everyone should go out and buy the latest Fantastic Four comic. I stand by that recommendation, but maybe it’s silly for me to think that people reading my blog might actually drop what they’re doing and go buy a comic that I recommend. Few people I know share my enthusiasm for comic books and even they are unlikely to get exactly the same things from them that I do.

Now, with all that said, read The Ultimates by Mark Millar and Brian Hitch! Even if you don’t like reading comics, you’ll should still like this. Although, let me just say it’s all about superheroes, so you’ll probably only enjoy it if you are the sort of person who can enjoy a superhero movie like Iron Man or Spider-Man. In fact, The Ultimates is like the most amazing superhero movie you’ll ever see, but in comic book form. I don’t really know how better to describe its cinematic style.

Millar and Hitch have received a good quantity of praise in my previous posts, but The Ultimates is by far their best work. Although it basically amounts to a reimagining of The Avengers, its more mature than other titles in the “Ultimate” line and has picked up accolades from the likes of J J Abrams and Joss Whedon. Someone in Hollywood must be taking notice, because the Iron Man movie was clearly set in the “Ultimates” universe and casting Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury was a fanboy’s wet dream.

The nods to the X-Men movies are genius. Hitch’s art is so good that his Professor X looks exactly like Patrick Stewart, just as his Nick Fury looks just like Jackson.

It’s really hard to express how good this series is. It may well be the most fun I’ve ever had reading a comic book, and I have read an awful lot of comic books.


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