Lost Boys: The Tribe

I expect Warner decided they didn’t want to market Lost Boys: The Tribe as a sequel pretty early in producton. Once Corey Haim stumbled onto the set, mumbling his lines and desperately trying to figure out where in the world he was, they must have realised that it was a straight to DVD endeavour.

I love the original Lost Boys movie; I often say it’s my personal favourite movie of all time. Unfortunately, Lost Boys: The Tribe feels like a cheap TV movie, complete with poor special effects (on a par with Primeval) and some very bad acting. I can’t recommend it, even to fans of the original Lost Boys.

I did like that with Lost Boys: The Tribe they were at least somewhat reverential, that there was an effort to pay homage. I certainly enjoyed seeing Corey Feldman on screen again. He is still quite charismatic and enjoyable to watch. I actually would have liked to have seen Jamison Newlander (who played Alan Frog), but they deleted his scenes. That’s a bit of a shame. They must have been truly horrific, considering what made the cut.

Given the strength of the franchise, I still feel that making another Lost Boys movie is a great idea. Sadly, not even Corey Feldman could save this particular effort. Corey Haim makes a cameo at the end of the movie and it’s so ill-conceived it’s not even funny. It’s sort of like seeing a great war hero reduced to falling over and soiling himself in his old age; sad and embarrassing.


One Response to “Lost Boys: The Tribe”

  1. No… making another “Lost Boys” is/was not a good idea. I’m tired of the ass brains that greenlight so called sequels and/or follow-ups to perfectly great movies that don’t/didn’t need that putrid shite attached to it. The screenplay writers that do this shit and can’t come up with something original should get fucked as well.

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