Project Superpowers

Following on from my last post, I thought I should write a few words about Project Superpowers, which I have been closely following since inception.

Jim Krueger and Alex Ross are at the helm again, ably assisted by Stephen Sadowski. This time it’s a reimagining of a number of obscure Golden Age superheroes. They’re often very generic, usurped by better, more interesting heroes owned by larger publishing houses. Some of them are truly hopeless.

A major problem with Ross and Krueger’s concept is that the characters are so painfully out of place in the modern world. Ross and Krueger’s effort to reintroduce them are generally clumsy. In the end it feels a bit like something a couple of kids would write, trying to squeeze in appearances from all their favourites. You can tell the creators are genuinely enamoured with these old characters, and I do appreciate they have a great deal of charm. I actually went straight onto eBay after reading the first issue of Project Superpowers and started looking for Black Terror, Green Lama and Fighting Yank comics.

So yeah, I love what Ross and Krueger are trying to do. It’s just, you know, a proper storyline and some character development would be nice.


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