A horrible, amateurish opening title sequence capped by a name stolen from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is not a great start; however, this has become my new favourite series. I’m a big fan of Dexter, Showtime’s flagship show, but episodes of Californication are half as long, which allows me to manage my A.D.D. more effectively and fit plenty of poker, rave music and comics into my evenings.

I haven’t seen so many tits in such a short space of time since I was in Prague and it’s great to see David Duchovny fighting back against the evils of typecasting.

“The back tatt is the watermark of the promiscuous.” Truer words have never been spoken.


2 Responses to “Californication”

  1. I dunno I’ve seen most of the 1st season of this show and it actually left me thinking ‘meh’. Its not as funny as it could be and there is an air of smarminess about it.

  2. thebigsmoke Says:

    I just got done with the first season. I did find fault with some of it, and was a bit nonplussed by the ending, but overall it kept me hooked. Much more so than a lot of other dramas I have watched, simply because the scripting was so good and there was a lot of humour.

    Perhaps the biggest criticism I have is that with a title like Californication and all the racy promotional material I’ve seen for the show, I would expect Duchovny’s Hank Moody to be a real philanderer. The first couple of episodes lived up to my expectations, but then quickly he started to become established as a flawed man with a heart of gold. I liked his character and I liked his family’s dynamic, but I think actually I liked seeing him mixed up with dozens of women more. If they’re going to go for that kind of thing (as they did at the beginning of the season), they should stick with it and do it right, without compromising and trying to justify his caddish behaviour.

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