Comic Book Round-Up

I really enjoyed producing my last comic book round-up, so I thought I’d do the same again with my latest purchases.

Final Crisis: Revelations 3 (of 5)
By Greg Rucka and Philip Tan

Let us take a moment to consider how Philip Tan has lovingly rendered Batwoman’s breasts stretching out her tight, shiny PVC costume on the cover of this Final Crisis spin-off.


Action Comics 870
By Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

I am running out of hyperbole for this title, but honestly, it is as good as I keep saying it is. The latest issue is great, but I think the first five pages of this in particular are absolutely beautiful. It is very rare to find a comic book that shows such an exquisite understanding of its subjects, so you’re just going to have to put up with my geekgasms for the time being.

Superman 680
By James Robinson and Renato Guedes

A comic about a flying dog was exactly what I wanted to read, so this latest issue of Superman was a godsend. I didn’t bother with the rest of the ‘Coming of Atlas’ arc, but when I saw that cover, I picked the motherfucker up. Krypto needs his own title, like right now. What do we have to do to make it happen?!

Green Lantern 35
By Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

In this issue, Hal Jordan and Sinestro fly to Oa where Jordan meets the Guardians of the Galaxy… for the first time… and… Zzzz…

Green Lantern Corps 29
By Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

If you have read this comic, have you noticed how Guy Gardner just isn’t as much fun now he is no longer a complete dick?

And another thing, maybe I’m some kind of sexist, but what exactly was the point in making half the Guardians of the Galaxy female? I was perfectly okay with them all being male and the bald-headed females sort of freak me out.

Fantastic Four 560
By Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch

“Well, let’s start with the good news. The good news is that the Earth didn’t die in the early part of the twenty-first century. It actually survived another five hundred years, thanks to the efforts of Doctor Reed Richards. But when the end times came, it was worse than we imagined.”

Like Action Comics, this is another title I currently love to rave about. It’s head and shoulders above the average comic book fare, full of epic events and huge plot twists.

The New Avengers 45
By Brian Bendis and Jim Cheung

Well, fuck, I just ruined the whole House of M saga for myself. I knew I should have read it before getting into Secret Invasion.

Avengers/Invaders 5 (of 12)
By Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, Steve Sadowski and Patrick Berkenkotter

Avengers/Invaders is another Jim Krueger and Alex Ross collaboration that leaves me sort of cold. I actually would quite like for this to end soon and I know it’s still got another seven issues to go. It annoys me because I love retro, nostalgic comic books, but unfortunately this is a boring read.

Kick-Ass 4
By Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

Thanks to numerous reprints, I just recently managed to jump on board with Kick-Ass, one of the most ridiculously successful indie titles for some time.

If you don’t know what Kick-Ass is all about, you will do in about a year, when it becomes a Matthew Vaughn-directed blockbuster. Yep, somehow, after only four issues, this comic has already been adapted and filming has begun. I admit I could see with the first couple of issues that it would make a good movie, but wow, I guess the success of Wanted means Millar can pretty much wipe his arse on a piece of A4 and he’ll get a movie deal out of it.

Honestly, though, this is a very readable title with lots of humorous, knowing flourishes. I look forward to the movie adaptation. And the movie version of Millar’s arse wipe once casting is complete (Tom Cruise is a shoe-in for the lead).


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