The Wrestler

I thought I should write something up about The Wrestler as I’ve been pretty quiet recently and it’s easily the best movie I’ve seen so far this year.

Although I can’t stand to watch it for any real length of time, I have to admit I have a genuine fondness for professional wrestling. I wasn’t particularly impressed by Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream, and therefore, although I loved the concept of The Wrestler, I was somewhat apprehensive before seeing it. Of course wrestling is a bit silly, but I was worried the director would take the obvious route and treat the art of wrestling as ridiculous and nothing more. Fortunately, he seems to share my fondness, because he manages to make much more of it than just that.

Of course, the movie wouldn’t be a fraction as good as it is without Mickey Rourke. I really hope he gets the best actor Oscar as I truly feel he deserves it. He was so good, and made his character so interesting and likeable, I just wanted to see more of him. I thought Marisa Tomei also put in a great performance and it is a testament to her acting ability that she wasn’t completely eclipsed by Rourke.


One Response to “The Wrestler”

  1. Yeah the duality of their roles was missed by a lot of critics I thought

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