Recently read

By William Gibson

I’ve been meaning to read Neuromancer since I was sixteen, which was when I read the two sequels, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive.

Gibson isn’t an especially gifted writer, but the ideas in Neuromancer were so fresh and ground-breaking that it really stood out from the crowd. I actually had a teacher at university who was writing her thesis on Neuromancer and cyberpunk, so I’ve long thought of it as quite an important book. These days, people are so familiar with his ideas, especially thanks to movies like The Matrix, he seems a bit dated and generic. Actually, The Matrix borrowed so heavily and had such an impact that now it’s hard to read about Case and Molly without picturing Neo and Trinity.

I recently read that there’s talk of making a Neuromancer movie with Hayden Christensen in the lead role. While I vehemently disagree with the writer’s suggestion that it should have been handed over to a manga writer, his comment that Christensen is “to sci-fi what botulism is to humans” seems fair.

Door into Summer
By Robert Heinlein

This is only the second Heinlein book I’ve read after Starship Troopers and I keep meaning to read more of his books. Door into Summer is very, very different to Starship Troopers; not in the least bit political and unconcerned with the usual trappings of sci-fi like lasers and space ships and all that nonsense. Ostensibly, it’s a story about time travel, but Heinlein never delves very far into the science and is much more concerned with creating likeable characters and quite a strange romance.


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