This is the view from the office window this afternoon, shortly before I was sent home by our dynamic-sounding Crisis Leadership Team. Pretty, isn’t it?

Watching the BBC’s news coverage of Britain’s snowfalls, you might be excused for thinking Western civilisation is experiencing an apocalyptic decline bearing a striking similarity to the early scenes of The Day After Tomorrow but which seems to have been edited to include large portions of a snow-themed episode of You’ve Been Framed. Watching them flip flop between their message of neverending doom and clips of pets in the snow stirred such a turmoil of emotions, I thought for a moment I was having a stroke.

BBC reporters seem to have a policy of finding the most outraged man on the street and giving him as much air time as possible. One man said it was disgraceful flights at Heathrow had been cancelled and that in this day and age you’d expect them to be able to deal with the problem. I suppose he’s right, like the way I expected scientists to have found a way to reverse aging by now or cure the common cold. And there are still no hover cars or matter transporter devices. It’s obviously absolutely shocking that pilots can’t take off on an icy runway and fly in blizzard conditions. Why aren’t aeroplanes fitted with skis and a giant thermal ray gun to blast the snow out of their path? It’s ridiculous.


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