It’s Monday! Video time!

Or something.

This is not a particularly good song, but I think it deserves special recognition for the video, which slowly descends into surreal madness. It’s as if halfway through filming the director started experimenting with mind-altering drugs combined with pornography.

In this video, John Parr plays the part of a mechanic who is fed up of being told not to fondle cars. On a sidenote, I think a mulleted Hugh Dennis could play Parr convincingly in the unlikely event of somebody making a movie of his life. Anyway, Parr the mechanic quits his job because he is obviously a rebel. He then races off with his girlfriend, who is Selma Blair or Claudia Winkleman, depending on which angle you see her from. When she refuses to let him grope her in a slightly sinister fashion, he does what anyone would do in his situation. That is, he steals a car, finds a huge group of neon spandex-wearing sluts and organises an orgy in a cheap motel. I like to imagine he’s promised them roles in Flashdance 2 if they’ll perform a variety of sexual acts on him, but there’s no doubt another explanation.

So, what else? Watch out for the chorus as sung by the Kwik Fit team. And enjoy the ending, which was unashamedly stolen from Back to the Future or perhaps Repo Man.


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