Who watched The Watchmen?

I did, so I’m going to write this while it’s all still reasonably fresh in my memory. If you read my previous comments on the movie you might expect a scathing review. Sorry to disappoint, but it wasn’t all that bad. In fact, it was pretty good, all things considered.

The choice to use lesser known actors and actresses was a good one, and there were some great performances. I did particularly enjoy Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian was also pretty impressive.

I don’t think it’s unfair to say Snyder is a heavy-handed director. I liked some of the classic rock tracks that adorned the soundtrack (certainly more than the Smashing Pumpkins track used in the first trailer), but some of the music was too recognisable and dominated a little too much. Similarly, I don’t think of myself as someone who shys away from sex and violence in movies, but there were some pretty gratuitous scenes in The Watchmen and I thought it was unnecessary. Yes, the action in the comic was great, and most of it translates pretty well, but some of the Snyder’s flourishes detracted. Also, he seemed to concentrate on the wrong things, making some bits excessively gory then leaving scenes where perhaps being more explicit would have added something.

I’m torn about the ending, because on the one hand I always thought the ending in the comic was slightly bizarre; without giving too much away, it was something which could only ever really work in a comic. On the other hand, the new ending felt a bit flat and lacked the doom-laden piz-zazz of the original twist.

All in all, The Watchmen was a good movie. It’s certainly the best adaptation of Alan Moore’s work thus far, but that’s essentially because it’s the most faithful; it’s certainly not because of Zack Snyder’s directorial interpretation. In fact, the bits which were innovative sometimes misfired and generally lacked the intelligence of the bits scripted by Alan Moore.

Maybe this viewpoint means I am a huge geek (probably), but I feel like okay, Zack Snyder isn’t exactly an intelligent director, but obviously you can’t go too wrong if you just stick to the source material. I hope other directors take notice, because comics do not get shown even half the respect which novels do when it comes to adaption.


2 Responses to “Who watched The Watchmen?”

  1. I think we should not forget to mention the awesome impact of the guy ( I’m assuming its a man ) who lovingly rendered the blue cock in all the Dr Manhatten CGI. Without him this would have been a shell of a movie.

  2. ha ha, dip you read my mind. my thoughts on Watchmen is online now too.

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