“What was the last sci-fi book you read?”

I sometimes read other blogs vastly superior to mine, just to keep my massive ego in check. In doing so, I found this awesome post on The Absorbascon. Some of the comments are fantastic.

I am sure you could make similar points about a number of other possible interests (books, films, music etc.), but it’s fair to say comics fans are particularly picky. I can hardly even begin to count off the number of times I’ve met someone who has been into comics only to have my enthusiasm disintegrate within minutes when told which titles they read or the characters they like. It’s funny, because most of us assume a shared interest in something like comics would bring people together; sometimes it definitely does not play out like that.

And too often have I held back when talking to girls, agreeing that, yes, we have something in common, because I read comics while she really liked the X-Men movies and thinks Hugh Jackman was perfect as Wolverine. Arrgh!


One Response to ““What was the last sci-fi book you read?””

  1. But X-men is a work of genius…I could really feel Hugh Jackman’s pain when he found out that Wolverine had been leaked on the inter-ma-web…a tiny part of every comic geek died on that day….

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