‘Warrior’s Dance’ is Prodigy’s next single

So, this is the brand new video to the Prodigy’s fantastic track ‘Warrior’s Dance’ due to be released as a single on May 11th. A little while back, I posted my thoughts on the latest Prodigy album and said I’d probably buy ‘Warrior’s Dance’ on vinyl if it were ever released as a single. Naturally then, I was eager for May 11th to roll around, until I discovered the album edit isn’t going to be on vinyl. They’ve chosen to put out some less impressive remixes (including a dreadful mix by Benga on one side).

‘Warrior’s Dance’ is such a simple kind of dance track and it doesn’t even use particularly original samples (the Pin-Up Girls vocal has been used in a lot of rave music). However, the combination of samples is so inspired and atmospheric that the end result is surprisingly refreshing. It hasn’t been disappointing when I’ve heard it on bigger sound systems, either; the break hits you like a sledgehammer when it finally drops.

I listen to lots of energetic, breakbeat-dominated rave music, so it’s maybe unsurprising this is easily my favourite track on the new album. I’m aware this kind of thing is not to everybody’s taste, but surely it has to be more enjoyable than the awkward techno punk nonsense of tracks like ‘Omen’.


One Response to “‘Warrior’s Dance’ is Prodigy’s next single”

  1. Yeah its really old school …I am glad that they have returned to there rave roots with this album, even though you can never truly recreate that era…..

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