High Contrast’s remix of Kanye West’s ‘Flashing Lights’

You may have already heard High Contrast’s drum ‘n’ bass remix of ‘Gold Digger’, but you probably haven’t heard High Contrast’s impossible-to-get dubplate remix of ‘Flashing Lights’.

I thought the ‘Gold Digger’ remix was great, although it’s unlikely I’ll be putting it on my turntables as much as some other high profile drum ‘n’ bass remixes. That’s mostly down to the fact ‘Gold Digger’ never quite did it for me. I preferred ‘Flashing Lights’ because it was a bit more soulful, and I’m really impressed with the way High Contrast has handled its musical complexity in his remix.

I’ve decided to post the original first, then the drum ‘n’ bass remix right underneath (recorded from Fabio’s Radio One show). That way you can compare the two and I have a good excuse for watching the hot music video a couple more times.


One Response to “High Contrast’s remix of Kanye West’s ‘Flashing Lights’”

  1. I like the drum & bass track its solid….shame its so hard to find.

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