Star Trek

I’m setting phasers firmly to pun (chortle) because the new Star Trek movie is on general release and this time Kirk and co. are played by a bunch of angsty kids who are like totally hot and OMG Spock’s so emo. It’s “MySpace . . . the final frontier” as they leap into action, boldly going where no teenagers have gone before. Puffy old William Shatner has been replaced by sizzling dreamboat Chris Pine as Kirk, and Spock’s played by, er, Leonard Nimoy again, I guess . . . but also Zachary Quinto, best known as Sylar from Heroes.

Actually, whenever Nimoy appears, he’s so old and his features so craggy and incongruous amongst all that young flesh, I felt like I staring into the face of time itself whenever he appeared on screen.

The next Next Generation is certainly likable and I wasn’t irked by any of the performances, not even Simon Pegg’s. I’ve never been overly impressed by Zachary Quinto’s acting ability, but Spock only has two settings: very calm and very angry. Quinto does both passably well and somehow he always manages to be quite an engaging kind off actor. Zoe Saldana makes Uhura look like the fourth member of Destiny’s Child, but played her with enough spark to make her more than just the token female. My favourite performance, however, came from Karl Urban as Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy; I personally thought he was flawless.

The weakest role in the movie belonged to Eric Bana, who played Nero, the disgruntled Romulan bad guy. A memorable villain might have made for a more balanced film, but I suppose the spotlight had to be on the young crew of the Enterprise. Any inconsistencies in the plot are of little consequence because it served primarily to wipe the slate clean and reboot the franchise. In this respect, the film is a resounding success and has the box office figures to prove it. It’s a clever move and executed with enough nods to the pre-existing continuity to keep most fans happy, if not all of them.

What is most encouraging about Star Trek is it’s such a great introduction for so many younger movie-goers. I was thoroughly entertained and it may well turn out to be my favourite film of the summer. Beam me up, spotty!


One Response to “Star Trek”

  1. i agree. most annoying character was the one i was most looking forward to seeing (simon pegg), but overall, rather excellent.

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