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Lamia to the slaughter

Posted in Film, Stuff on June 14, 2009 by thebigsmoke

I’ve been in a bit of a sulk the last few weeks because I let my subsciption to the WordPress cascading style sheet editing thing run out and now the look of my blog has got a bit messed up. At some point, when I get time, I’ll renew my subscription and fix the page (even though I think it’s horribly overpriced and my blog’s basically being held to ransom).

Anyway, I’m putting my bitterness aside to make some new posts. I’ve watched tons of movies recently, including the terrific Drag Me To Hell, which I previewed all the way back in March.

Was it the return to form for Sam Raimi I was hoping for? Yes, it was, although I get the impression Raimi doesn’t take the horror genre very seriously anymore. To be fair, I got that impression when I first saw Army of Darkness years ago, so whatever.

There are lots of ridiculous moments, and plenty of comedy, but it’s all in the name of entertainment. Actually, despite the wackiness, Drag Me To Hell provided a harrowing viewing experience and I don’t think I’ve ever jumped so much in a cinema in my life. Raimi obviously relishes keeping his audience on edge, pushing it as far as possible and making even inocuous objects as terrifying as possible.

Incidentally, when the goat was possessed by the Lamia during the seance scene, am I the only person who was reminded of Nobby the Sheep, who presented ITV’s Motormouth and a bunch of other 90s kids TV shows?

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