Hip hop video of the day, Monday 12 October 2009

DJ P & DJ Crime: B-Boy Massacre

DJ P is best known for teaming up with DJ Z-Trip to produce seminal mixtape Uneasy Listening. That was ten years ago and since then Z-Trip has gone from strength to strength, playing at sold out shows across the globe. His association with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist no doubt helped him reach a new audience, but it’s his technical flare and talent for rocking a crowd which sets him apart; he was recently voted the number one DJ in America by DJ Times and will feature prominently in the upcoming DJ Hero video game.

Because DJ Z-Trip has become so established, a lot of people forget DJ P had anything to do with Uneasy Listening at all. Whereas Z-Trip responds to his audience and always seeks to accommodate their needs, P seems to have nothing but contempt for the average listener. His scathing attitude to chart music and mainstream hip hop makes him an underground hero; but it also makes him inaccessible for most.

I have recently sought out some of DJ P’s more obscure mixes and have been really impressed by what I’ve found. I may post some mixtapes in the near future, but for now here’s ‘B-Boy Massacre’, an eclectic blend of Midnight Oil, U2, The Ultramagnetic MCs, The Prodigy, The Police and more. Just what you might expect from P, and it has lots of samples from the film The Warriors which is a nice bonus. DJ Crime is apparently responsible for splicing together the video, and he’s done a fine job too.


One Response to “Hip hop video of the day, Monday 12 October 2009”

  1. This rocks! Got to find some more stuff by him.

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