Breaking Bad

My struggle to come to terms with the lack of True Blood in my life has been made infinitely easier by the discovery of the televisual gem that is Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston, who is best known for playing Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, delivers a spellbinding performance as Walt, chemistry teacher turned meth amphetamine kingpin. He starts out as a sort of depressed Ned Flanders, but when he gets lung cancer he is forced to become a ruthless criminal in his spare time, just to pay for treatment and provide for his family after he is gone. Therefore his violent, anti-social behaviour is all in a good cause and it’s perfectly okay for you to cheer him on as he deals drugs and cracks skulls. Hurrah!


One Response to “Breaking Bad”

  1. Your the third person to recommend this. Must appropriate this somehow…as there is not alot decent on at the moment.

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