Kick-Ass was kick ass!

Hey guys, remember when I reviewed Kick-Ass the comic back in 2008 and said I was looking forward to the Matthew Vaughn-directed movie? No, of course you don’t.

There are so many things I have been meaning to write about in my awesome blog and it’s so hard to find the time to crop pictures and think up pithy things to write underneath them. In a typical evening, once I’ve finished adding useless junk to my Amazon wish list, I don’t have a lot of time left over. Couple the time restrictions with the trauma of losing Corey for good and it’s fair to say my chronicle of awesomeness has been just a little less awesome than it could be.

I confess, in my darkest moments I have considered writing down my thoughts using lazy, broken sentences the way people do on Twitter. However, I had a dream last night in which God told me to bring peace to all mankind using the medium of my blog; now the moment of weakness has passed, so prepare to be amazed by what I write. I seriously recommend you do not read too much in one sitting as your head will probably explode.

Kick-Ass the movie was almost exactly like the comic, which nobody I know in real life but me has actually read. According to some websites other people who have read it do exist, but I have never met any of them. It’s weird when you read something and you think it’s cool and you tell people about it and they ignore you, then two years later it gets made into a movie and suddenly everybody is talking about it and it’s really popular. I wish I could say it means I’m super cool and ahead of the pack, but it’s probably more likely I’m a huge nerd and completely out of synch with everybody else.

So yes, Kick-Ass the movie. It was more crowd-pleasing than the comic, less visceral, but basically faithful in spirit. It is completely entertaining and I can recommend it without any reservation.

Kick-Ass was created by Mark Millar, an impressive, Hollywood-friendly talent, who has just launched a new title called Nemesis. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a Nemesis adaptation in a few years. There, I called it first, motherfucker.


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