Mark Millar’s Ultimate Avengers freak out

By now it’s established comic book writer Mark Millar can do no wrong in my eyes and I’ll happily follow him from title to title like an eager puppy. However, his recent comments about upcoming shit pile We Are The X-Men is pretty funny. He posted the following rant on his messageboard:

I’m just starting Ultimate Avengers 3, issue 5, and it’s the arc I’m maybe most proud of. As trailered forever, this is vampires in the Ultimate Universe attacking mutants and Blade brought in to help the Avengers as heroes go down one by one.

Now someone’s sent me a link to an X-Men event out two months previous that’s exactly the same idea.


What do I do? This is what JRJR and I were going to do 5 years ago before Enemy of the State and I’ve been talking about it in interviews (and on here) since Ultimate Avengers launched. Blade’s even on the cover to issue 1 as I’ve been excited about this since I had Blade painted on an ice cream truck in 1978.

I don’t want to pull the issues as they’re part of a complex plot that runs through my entire four arc run, but I’m almost finished now. I’m writing issue five of six and they’re really, really good.

How the Hell did this happen? It wouldn’t have been as big a deal if I hadn’t started the series yet, but it’s almost done and just going to look foolish following an X-Men event. Am honestly just so disgusted with this as I’ve talked about it many times.

In fact, that’s just a part of it. You can read the whole thing over at Robot 6.

Since he made his posts he’s spoken to senior staff at Marvel and has concluded it’s not as bad as he initially feared. His posts about We Are The X-Men have been taken down and Millar has returned to coming up with new ways to reinvent superheroes, which is what he does best.

What’s funny is he made his posts before the storyline had actually been announced and based purely on the promo artwork. Did Marvel really decide to run two major events revolving around the same premise? I don’t know and I don’t particularly care; I personally haven’t had any interest in the X-Men for quite some time, so I don’t think I would have been affected.

I do wonder what people at Marvel thought when they got that frantic call from Millar. I can’t imagine they were pleased he decided to throw a public and panicky hissyfit based on no evidence, or that he denounced the publisher he works for without bothering to check any of the facts.


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