Iron Man 2

As with Kick-Ass last month, Iron Man 2 is another comic book movie which has been massively hyped in recent months. I should possibly just completely avoid the internet before watching these kinds of movie, because when you pay attention to all the previews and trailers it means you go into the cinema with a fair idea of what will happen in several key scenes.

The massive success of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man made further Marvel-related adaptations viable and studios were quick to try and tap into the money-making potential of other characters. Unfortunately, translating Marvel’s big names properties for the big screen has often made for an extremely painful process. The awfulness of The Incredible Hulk and Daredevil forced a strategy rethink, which is about when Iron Man hit cinemas.

Iron Man wasn’t camp, it wasn’t boring, and it wasn’t set in a consciously “comic book” universe. Its prinicipal players were interesting, fun and extemely likeable. In particular, Robert Downey Jr. captivated audiences as a witty and debonair Tony Stark. These factors were enough to lift the movie head and shoulders above similar fare, despite the lack of a really scintilating plot.

The sequel is essentially more of the same, although there are a few welcome additions to the cast: I’m a huge Mickey Rourke fan and I thought his Whiplash character was good fun; Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer was frequently hilarious; and Scarlett Johansson made for a sexy, alluring Black Widow (although she’s not called Black Widow yet). Don Cheadle did a decent enough job of taking over from Terrence Howard as Jim Rhodes, although pesonally I couldn’t help feeling he seemed slightly out of place throughout.

Iron Man 2 has had some pretty bad reviews and I just don’t understand why. Yes, there were lulls in the action, but the dialogue was so good that these were the parts I enjoyed the most. The humour was frequently laugh out loud funny and there were a ton of great references to other comic books characters and elements of popular culture.


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  1. i think a separate black widow film could work, as long as he don’t make it like catwoman…

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