NBC intends to replace Heroes with The Cape

Anyone who bothered to watch NBC’s Heroes knows it spectacularly jumped the shark during the writers’ strikes. After showing early promise, Heroes became such a harrowing viewing experience it was as if the creators were deliberately trying to crush the hopes and dreams of nerds everywhere. Here was a show which seemed to take superheroes seriously, as if people who matter had finally decided the whole comic book superhero thing maybe warranted attention. Audiences responded positively and it looked like maybe the attitudes of ordinary people (or “Ordies” as I like to call them) were going to change and intelligent television shows about superheroes were going to become the norm. Then it became a mess of bizarre storylines, everyone was suddenly related, someone behind the scenes was doing their best to keep Ali Larter in the show even though her character was killed off already. It was so miserable I started to wish the Haitian really existed so he could erase my memory of everything after Mohinder Suresh became Jeff Goldblum in The Fly (that’s a little humour for you Non-Ordies).

About a week ago NBC did the decent thing and announced the cancellation of Heroes, mercifully ending the torment of faithful nerds worldwide. What is more interesting, and worthy of a blog entry at least, is they have also released promotional material for a new superhero drama called The Cape.

I’ve posted the trailer at the top of this blog entry, so you can watch for yourself and draw your own conclusions. However, I have to tell you I’m not fooled by Summer Glau, who is clearly included in the show’s line up as nerd bait; Vinnie Jones and the midget from Pirates of the Caribbean sharing screen time is an LSD-induced nightmare I didn’t need to share; I’ll probably watch a few episodes just for the awesome Keith David then we’ll see how it goes from there.


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