Spaghetti Westerns, Part 6

Run, Man Run (Corri, Uomo, Corri) (1968)

Sergio Sollima is sometimes referred to as “the third Sergio”, as he is generally considered to be of less importance to the genre than Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci. Although he made fewer movies and enjoyed less success than Leone or Corbucci, it’s unfair to the director and he deserves to be considered on his own merits. I raved about his first western, The Big Gundown in my last spaghetti western post, so now is a good time to spotlight another of his films, Run, Man, Run.

Run, Man, Run is a sequel of sorts, as Tomas Milian reprises his role of Cuchillo. There’s no Lee Van Cleef, sadly, but Donal O’Brien is on hand to fill the sharpshooting gringo quota as Daniel Cassidy. O’Brien starred in numerous spaghetti westerns, but it’s unusual to find him getting such high billing. He plays his part admirably, but of course it’s Milian who is the star and dominates on screen.

More ambitious than The Big Gundown perhaps, Run, Man, Run is slightly more overt politically and is more what you might expect from a Zapata western. For me, The Big Gundown is the superior film, but Run, Man, Run is seriously enjoyable and a wonderful follow-up. Fans of his first film will be happy to know Sollima even saw fit to include another knife versus gun showdown.


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