What happens in New Vegas stays in New Vegas

I want to post up a quick note about the new Fallout: New Vegas game, which I purchased a week ago. It received a lot of criticism on release, but I’m enjoying it quite a lot. I guess I just love walking around post-apocalyptic landscapes collecting useless junk too much for my own good. I spend a lot of game time discarding sensor modules, tin cans and empty “Nuka Cola” bottles just so I can walk at a speed which isn’t cripplingly slow. If you’ve played any of the other games, you will know what I mean.

To me it’s obvious that the publisher, Bethesda, handed over the fabric of Fallout 3 to new developer Obsidian Entertainment, who have simply thrown together a new adventure based on old models. As a consequence the whole thing looks a bit dated and not enough of an improvement on the previous release to warrant more than faint praise from the majority of reviewers. The game is rushed and underdeveloped, which is borne out by a significant number of unfortunate glitches. That said, every Bethesda game I have owned has had massive glitches which have forced me to go back and play major portions, so maybe that’s just their trademark thing.

However, despite the gameplay quirks and the negative press reaction, I am confident you will like this if you liked Fallout 3. You might not love it, you might feel it could have been better, but even an unimaginative Fallout 3 follow up is more interesting than a lot of other games which are on the market. So, Fallout: New Vegas is a solid game for Fallout fans, but don’t bother with it if you weren’t bowled over by Fallout 3.


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