Support Jay Potts’ World of Hurt web comic

World of Hurt is an award-winning web comic which has been running since 2009. It’s an awesome blaxploitation-influenced comic strip with tough, hardboiled stories brilliantly rendered in black and white.

Now writer/artist Jay Potts wants to publish a hardcover collection of the first storyline, “The Thrill-Seekers”, about Isiah “Pastor” Hurt’s search for a missing college student. He’s using the Kickstarter website to hopefully make it happen, and says:

This Kickstarter project was started out of my desire to raise the funds to self-publish a graphic novel which collects the The Thrill-Seekers storyline. The graphic novel will also feature bonus material, such as production sketches, layouts and an introduction by author and filmmaker, David Walker of The graphic novel will be an 88-page hardcover book with a landscape format of 13″ X 6.5″ to match the original dimensions of the comic strip. Although the interiors will be black & white, the cover will be in full color. Part of the Kickstarter funds will also be used to pay for an artist to paint over my cover pencils to recreate the classic, pulp feel of a Blaxploitation movie poster.

This is something I can get behind, so I have pledged and am hoping Jay gets the start-up funds he needs. He’s offering rewards, including stickers, copies of the hardcover, original art and lots more, based on the size of individual pledges. If you’re interested, you can find more information about the project and how to pledge here.


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