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Talking dirty with Ryan Reynolds

Posted in Film on February 26, 2012 by thebigsmoke

I watched most of Buried on a plane a year ago, but I missed the ending because the plane was landing and they turned off the in-flight entertainment. Yesterday, I finally watched the end of the movie and it annoyed me enough to post about it. Major SPOILERS after the break.

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More guns than Charlton Heston’s secret bunker

Posted in Video Games on February 22, 2012 by thebigsmoke

I really enjoyed the first Borderlands game, so I’ve been looking forward to this follow-up for ages now. The game engine is great and Borderlands plays better as a first person shooter than similar fare like the Fallout games. The first game was defined by its frenetic action and its ridiculous number of artillery options. I hope they have added a few more role-playing or problem-solving elements for the sequel, but the newly-released trailer above is joy-pukingly awesome regardless.

Catching up on blogging

Posted in Books, Comics, Film, Stuff, Video Games on February 5, 2012 by thebigsmoke

Oh, hi. How’s it going? I was just looking over some of my old posts. A lot of the links are now dead and I’ve never had the time to update as regularly as I would like, but I’m kind of proud of things like this. In one post I managed to anticipate both The Expendables and Predators. Jason Statham is still rubbish, though.

For fun, let’s quickly run over a few bits and pieces from yesteryear together. Remember World of Hurt’s Kickstarter project? Well, it got the support it needed and I now hold in my hands a limited edition World of Hurt: The Thrill-Seekers graphic novel. If you’re interested in bagging one yourself, I think you can still do so via Jay Potts’ World of Hurt website.

I eventually managed to get a high quality version of High Contrast’s ‘Flashing Lights’ remix as well, but haven’t got it cut to dubplate yet.

Still on the subject of indulging myself, I bought that Spider statue from Reel Art. Currently it’s collecting dust in my bedroom, standing testament to my nerdery. I never did buy that sweet Hot Toys Scarlett Johnansson figure despite pining for weeks. I was probably worried that having both in one room together would be more awesome than I could handle.

That Casey Jones fan film was also finished and you can watch online here. The Turtle costume is a little ropey, but it’s actually a great little film. I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it quite a bit.

A year ago, I raved about Rolling Thunder and it just got a UK Blu-ray release. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for £8.99 which is a total bargain as far as I’m concerned.

Arkham City, the Arkham Asylum follow-up, surpassed my expectations. I played it to death before Christmas and it’s easily the finest comic book-related videogame I have ever played.

Yeah, yeah, I know — I should make a concerted effort to update more regularly. And I will, I promise. In the immediate future, I plan on adding to my “Guide to Reading and Enjoying Comics”, but first need to select suitable reading material.

Previously on Space Stallions

Posted in Stuff, Television on February 5, 2012 by thebigsmoke

So, this video from The Animation Workshop was awesome enough to post. I must have watched it a dozen times or so.

I hope someone makes action figures.

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