Catching up on blogging

Oh, hi. How’s it going? I was just looking over some of my old posts. A lot of the links are now dead and I’ve never had the time to update as regularly as I would like, but I’m kind of proud of things like this. In one post I managed to anticipate both The Expendables and Predators. Jason Statham is still rubbish, though.

For fun, let’s quickly run over a few bits and pieces from yesteryear together. Remember World of Hurt’s Kickstarter project? Well, it got the support it needed and I now hold in my hands a limited edition World of Hurt: The Thrill-Seekers graphic novel. If you’re interested in bagging one yourself, I think you can still do so via Jay Potts’ World of Hurt website.

I eventually managed to get a high quality version of High Contrast’s ‘Flashing Lights’ remix as well, but haven’t got it cut to dubplate yet.

Still on the subject of indulging myself, I bought that Spider statue from Reel Art. Currently it’s collecting dust in my bedroom, standing testament to my nerdery. I never did buy that sweet Hot Toys Scarlett Johnansson figure despite pining for weeks. I was probably worried that having both in one room together would be more awesome than I could handle.

That Casey Jones fan film was also finished and you can watch online here. The Turtle costume is a little ropey, but it’s actually a great little film. I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it quite a bit.

A year ago, I raved about Rolling Thunder and it just got a UK Blu-ray release. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for £8.99 which is a total bargain as far as I’m concerned.

Arkham City, the Arkham Asylum follow-up, surpassed my expectations. I played it to death before Christmas and it’s easily the finest comic book-related videogame I have ever played.

Yeah, yeah, I know — I should make a concerted effort to update more regularly. And I will, I promise. In the immediate future, I plan on adding to my “Guide to Reading and Enjoying Comics”, but first need to select suitable reading material.


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