Talking dirty with Ryan Reynolds

I watched most of Buried on a plane a year ago, but I missed the ending because the plane was landing and they turned off the in-flight entertainment. Yesterday, I finally watched the end of the movie and it annoyed me enough to post about it. Major SPOILERS after the break.

Buried is inspiring in its simplicity. Ryan Reynolds trapped underground in a box for 90 minutes with just a cellphone for company. You could make a film like this yourself if you felt inclined to do so. There are no expensive special effects, sets or costumes. Actually, the screen is black a good portion of the time and all you can hear is Ryan Reynolds whimpering. It’s so minimal, it blows my mind that it got such a major cinema release and they’re pushing it as a Blu-ray release. Okay, you get to see the pores on Ryan Reynolds’ face, but if that doesn’t hold a special appeal for you then there isn’t much else to recommend splashing out to see it in high definition.

None of this would be of any importance if the film delivered in the plot department. It certainly has an interesting premise and the tension builds steadily at the start of the film. In fact the tension is the films main selling point and critics who like Buried invariably reference Hitchcock. Not surprising, as director Rodrigo Cortés cites Hitchcock as a major influence.

My biggest complaint is that Hitchcock would have provided a satisfying dénouement, but Buried doesn’t go anywhere. As the sand starts to leak into the underground prison, there were all kind of possibilities for twists and turns. But nope, it’s exactly what it seems like: Ryan Reynolds has been kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents and is going to die in the coffin. It was disappointing not because Reynolds eats dirt and dies, but because it just wasn’t very clever.


3 Responses to “Talking dirty with Ryan Reynolds”

  1. the LiDer Says:

    I’m actually a fan of this film.

    I though at the end when Dan Brenner (who I would have sworn was James Frain the british Vampire from true blood) revealed that he found the remains of Mark White was pretty damn shocking.. Almost comical like a “D’oh sorry mate my bad”. I’m glad they didn’t go down ‘the Game’ route.

    I also love these type of films (like Hard candy) and a large part of its success depends on the lead(s). I hate Castaway though- was hoping tom hanks would get scurvy and the twist is that its actually a 70 minute movie not a 3 hour one…

  2. thebigsmoke Says:

    What’s wrong with The Game? I love The Game!

  3. the LiDer Says:

    The Game.. major letdown at the end..

    Oh it was a game in the end.. Dammit! oh.. right that is part of the game as well..

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