The Avengers finally assembled

Everyone I know is seeing The Avengers!  I refuse to call it that other name.  The British one.  It just sounds stupid.  But technically I guess people aren’t seeing The Avengers, they’re seeing that other movie, the one with the stupid name.  Which of course everybody is calling The Avengers anyway, because it is basically the same movie and the other name is a bit silly.

Putting that to one side, yes, it was highly enjoyable.  In fact it was probably at least 73% as good as all the other Marvel movies to date put together.  Really that figure would be much higher but for the fact that the first Iron Man flick was very good indeed.  But The Avengers had Downey Jr. as Iron Man in it together with a whole bunch of other stuff; ergo it is even more full of awesome.

I’m going to leave the intelligent analysis to someone more qualified and just say it was a pretty good movie and was above all else entertaining.  It was definitely worth the wait as they slowly brought the team together.  Too many good bits to mention and lots of humour, which was very welcome.

I think what elevated Joss Whedon’s effort especially was the characterisation.  He nailed each member of the team and his treatment of the Hulk was so brilliant that it made previous efforts look decidedly weak.  There’s a rumour, in fact, that Mark Ruffalo is already signed up for a solo effort with the Hulk.  Here’s hoping it’s true and he manages to be half as likeable as he was in that film I saw which wasn’t called The Avengers but in which he played the Hulk.


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