Moore controversy surrounds Watchmen prequels

I have decided I am going to boycott Before Watchmen. I will probably read it at some point out of curiosity and because of my love for the original series, but I won’t pay for it. I have never had cause to boycott a title before, but there you go.

It’s well publicised that Alan Moore himself is vehemently against the spin-off series and has branded it “shameless”. Although I am a huge admirer, I would not side with Moore if I thought there was a suitable rationale for Before Watchmen. By way of illustration, he didn’t want to see the comic adapted, but I had no major issue with the film even when it was in the pre-production phase.

I feel differently about the comic and want to explain why. I have read quite a few comments saying that what DC is doing doesn’t matter, that the time has come and the new material looks of a suitably high quality. I think this misses the point.

Watchmen is a fantastic piece of literature. There are not many comics which you can point to as good literature, but Watchmen is one. Not only that but it’s also generally accepted as being so and, for example, is listed on Time’s list of 100 best novels. The story is wonderfully self-contained and really there is no need for any further embellishment.

Not only is fleshing out the story incredibly disrespectful to the author, it’s also disrespectful to the work itself; which is perhaps a more heinous crime. One of the few flawless literary gems that comics has to offer and DC is willing to risk diluting its appeal and consequently the literary potential of the comic book medium. What frustrates me most of all is that if Watchmen did not happen to be in a comic book format people would quite naturally balk at the idea of a prequel. Imagine the response a prequel to, say, Moby Dick or To Kill a Mockingbird would receive.

I agree with Moore, it’s shameless.


One Response to “Moore controversy surrounds Watchmen prequels”

  1. ive read several of em
    (didnt pay either)
    there utterly pointless
    back story jobs
    well written finely drawn but still
    i had sort of assumed they had some brilliant ideas
    to justify thier actions
    their ideas seem to be “lets make some more cash of watchmen”
    and thier attack dog JMS is backing them up and
    critisiing moore
    shame i used to admire the man
    now just a corperate stooge

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