Now that the dust has settled… The Big Smoke at Kapow! Comic Con again

I wrote quite a bit about the Kapow! convention last year, so I figured I may as well put up a few words about this year’s event.

At first I thought it was less popular than last year, but now I’m not so sure. I think maybe it was just better organised, as they used the multiple layers of the Design Centre a little more effectively. The artists (apart from David Lloyd) were not elbow to elbow with the retailers. The queues were managed well and they had a ticketing system for the panels, so there was no chance of queueing up only to be told you wouldn’t be allowed in. I remember queuing to try and see Thor last year was pretty painful, so I’m glad I was spared a repeat of that experience. I still think the Design Centre only semi-works as a venue, but overall they had made some obvious improvements to the planning.

I got to see Nick Frost and meet Jonathan Ross, which was very cool. Wossy was very friendly and patient with my shitty camera phone, so when I eventually get around to reading some of his comics I won’t be able to be anything but nice. Besides, I witnessed his wrestling prowess and am a bit scared of saying anything which might upset him.

Nick Frost was promoting Snow White and the Huntsman, which frankly looks a bit rubbish. Be honest, when was the last time they did one of these fairly tale adaptations and it seemed anything but lame? It might just about be better than the upcoming Jack the Giant Killer, which I thought was some kind of joke at first. That aside, he was pretty entertaining.

Good times then, capped off with lots of excellent food in great company, some drinking, and watching the drama of the Champion’s League final. I can’t write about Kapow! without mentioning the cosplay, and this year it was just as eye-popping as last. Well done to anyone who dressed up and a personal thank you to female Thor and Loki.


2 Responses to “Now that the dust has settled… The Big Smoke at Kapow! Comic Con again”

  1. Yeah it was good! I found it more enjoyable in terms of less of queues and the general layout of the floor. However last year did have bigger names. Still will deffo go again next year.

    • thebigsmoke Says:

      Some of the big names last year were not as big names as they seem this year, if that makes sense.

      Also, just thinking about the comic book side of things only, Joe Quesada is a very big name. I think bigger than anyone who turned up last year.

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