Cool stuff I want, Part 100,000,013-14 : Marvel’s Man-Thing Omnibus & Michelinie/McFarlane’s Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus

It isn’t too commonly known, but I’m a huge fan of monster comics and swamp monster stuff in particular. I adore the comics from the seventies, especially Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson on Swamp Thing and Steve Gerber and Mike Ploog on Man-Thing.  I already own a few classic issues from these runs, but wow, this omnibus looks incredible.

I also have a real soft spot for Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man work.  I know he’s not quite as fashionable as he once was, but his run takes me back to my teenage years and the excitement I used to feel collecting these comics.  The omnibus of his Amazing Spider-Man work looks incredible.  I can’t decide whether I like the cover with the classic red and blue costume or the symbiote costume variant better.

Note, all of these covers include titles in their final versions, but I thought I’d post the untouched art because it’s so pretty.  There’s actually another Man-Thing cover, but the Olivetti one above is my personal favourite.

Unfortunately, these volumes are pretty pricey.  Fuuuck.


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