Recent vinyl purchases, Monday 8 April 2013

My most recent purchase is an obscure piece of old skool hardcore by DJ KP.  Never heard of him?  You’re in the majority, but I’ve been after his second EP for a long time.  I paid £10 for my copy and was very, very happy with that purchase.  All three tracks on the EP are featured on an awesome mix by Jody Sublove, called ‘Intelligent Breakbeat Techno’. I managed to find it on for you, posted by some random guy:

I love this mix and used to listen to it continuously on the way back and forth from work.  I wish I could post up all the DJ KP tracks in their entirety, but they’re not all on YouTube and I’m took lazy to rip them.  You’ll have to settle for this one, which is probably my favourite anyway:

DJ KP: Off The Ground

If you’re wondering why it’s not credited to DJ KP on YouTube, it’s because the track was credited to Dance Ritual on some compilations.

If you don’t like this type of dance music, it’s because you suck.  Not really.  Everyone’s entitled to their own tastes.  Except you.  Just kidding (I’m not).


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