Recent vinyl purchases, Sunday 28 April 2013

I’ve kept it pretty hardcore this weekend.  I wasn’t sure whether to post up all my purchases or just the a selection of the best tracks.  In the end, I thought fuck it and am going to post them all.  You be can be the judge of which were worth buying (if any).

Smooth But Hazzardous: We Are The Creator

My most expensive purchase this weekend.  The sample is from the first Star Trek movie.  Love this one.

The b-side isn’t too shabby either:

Smooth But Hazzardous: Push Up The Levels

Those are Ice-T vocals, by the way.  The sample’s from ‘I’m Your Dealer’.

Anyway, moving on, I also got this awesome track:

Secret Squirrel: The ‘X’ Men

It’s weird, I only heard this one for the first time about a month ago listening to one of the pirates.  I assumed it was some nu skool production and couldn’t have been more wrong.  It was only when shopping for records that I stumbled across the original vinyl.  I was very, very happy when I got that ID!  Honestly, I love all the Bogwoppa and Dance Bass releases (especially the Secret Squirrel and Undercover Elephant releases), but somehow this one had managed to completely pass me by.  I have absolutely no idea how I missed it before.  The ‘Boogie Down Bronx’ sample makes it an instant winner for me.  I also love that little MC sample before the breakdown, the same one that Dance Conspiracy used on this track:

Dance Conspiracy: Dub War (Chapter 2)

Not too sure what event the sample came from.  It might have been the UK Soul All Dayer Of The Century back in 1987.  “Shout to all the Forest Gate fly girls” anyway.  That was an awesome event.  I recommend listening to the available recordings on YouTube.

Vibes & Wishdokta: Sweetest Love

Another bit of hardcore plastic.  On a happier tip, with a big Anita Baker sample in the middle.

Finally, some drum ‘n’ bass:

Dope Skillz: Controlled Freak

I got this one for peanuts.  It’s part of a double pack by DJ Zinc under his Dope Skillz alias.  I was listening to some of DJ Hypes old shows and he was playing this, promoting the Tru Playaz label as he tends to do.  For whatever reason this track never became particularly popular, hence the low price tag; but it caught my attention.  It’s got a nice bubbling techno type of sound that I like.


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