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Cool stuff I want, Part 100,000,015: Vault 101 hoodie

Posted in Stuff, Video Games on May 19, 2013 by thebigsmoke

The very first “Cool stuff I want” which I posted was Fallout-related.  Here’s something new which I like from Bethesda, the Vault 101 hoodie.  Not sure about the quality of the “101” on the back, but otherwise I love it.



All the Write Moves

Posted in Stuff on May 2, 2013 by thebigsmoke

You seriously have no idea how many shitty puns on the word “write” I went through before I finally said to myself, “Fuck it, nobody cares the way you do.  Just give your post a damn title, write it and go to bed.”  It was many puns and I probably spent more time thinking about that than it will take me to write what I have to say.  Sadly, in the end I saddled myself with “All the Write Moves”, which is terrible but whatever.

What I wanted to say is that I have noticed over the last few months that my blog actually gets some decent traffic.  Not only does almost every post I make get a “like” from some random blog browser, but I have amassed a fair number of followers.  I’m pretty sure that the majority of these poor, lost souls only came to my blog to promote their own sad ramblings.  However, I’ve done enough detective work to establish that some of them are real people with, in a few cases, interesting things to say.  I sometimes feel bad for the followers I don’t already know offline, because they don’t know what they are letting themselves in for.  They might be fans of books or comics, but they probably don’t care about my vinyl purchases.  Or else maybe they like obscure rave music, but probably they don’t care about hard boiled detective fiction.  Not many people share even close to the same tastes as me, but this blog is an entirely selfish collection of comments about things which excite me.  I do enjoy entertaining people if possible, but I update it for my own amusement ultimately, because I like collecting my thoughts and writing dumb lists.  The end result is pretty schizophrenic and I apologise to anyone who has been forced to endure some pretty random updates.

Most other bloggers seem to take a different approach to me.  Either they have a specific thing they write about (books or movies or religion or, well, you get the idea) or else they treat their blog like a public journal, writing about themselves and their own particular brand of armchair philosophy.  This is not always completely boring and I can understand the temptation, but that’s never really been what I’ve wanted to write about.

Browsing through the blogosphere, I have also noticed that the vast majority of bloggers have creative aspirations.  Hardly surprising, I guess, but it’s interesting to me to see people go about unleashing their creative urges.  And it’s inspiring to me.  Not in the way that looking out at the cosmos is inspiring, but inspiring in that I see other people’s attempts and it makes me think about how I would do it.  What I would would write about.  Which brings me to my conclusion.


My thoughts about the limitations of blogging, combined with all the reading I have been doing recently, have given me the urge to write something substantial myself.  I’m not sure what exactly, but something.

Personally, I like giving myself nerdy challenges and in the last couple of years that has been watching vast numbers of movies.  This year, I’ve set myself the task of reading a minimum of 52 books.  Next year I’m going to set myself a writing challenge and I’m already excited; excited and motivated enough to blog about it; exited enough to add wording to an image from Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch in order to better express the sentiment.  That may not be such a good thing and I will now decide whether to nip any further introspection in the bud.

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