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Zack Once Again Again: Man of Steel

Posted in Comics, Film on June 22, 2013 by thebigsmoke


Mostly out of boredom, I posted a fairly long analysis of the Man of Steel trailer back in April.  Looking back, I think my analysis was okay, I didn’t leap to too many conclusions.  The movie was pretty much as expected.

However, there are some talking points, so I’m going to give Man of Steel even more free promotion with a second post.

SPOILERS after the jump.

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Cool stuff I want, Part 100,000,016: Stephen King’s Joyland (Signed Lettered Limited Edition in Traycase )

Posted in Books, Stuff on June 21, 2013 by thebigsmoke

That hoodie I liked is back in stock, but now I’m not so keen.

Anyway, Stephen King’s Joyland is out and Hard Case Crime has brought out a beautiful limited edition hardcover with a cover by Robert McGinnis.  The regular paperback has art by Glen Ortik and looks great, but the hardcover is something special.  Unfortunately, the signed and numbered versions of the limited edition were completely sold out by the time I found out about it.



I had to settle for the standard limited edition (limited to 1,500 copies).  I’ll probably read it this month.

52 pick up: May update!

Posted in Books on June 1, 2013 by thebigsmoke

A weak month in terms of finished books, but that’s partly because I only half-finished some stuff.  It’s also because I had about half a week where I didn’t feel like reading.  Ah well, the important thing is that I’m on track to hit my target.

22. The Hot Rock by Donald E. Westlake


A stone cold classic from Westlake.  I’d also seen the brilliant movie adaptation with Robert Redford, so this one held few surprises.  It was fun nonetheless and at least now I’ve got the ball rolling with reading his Dortmunder books.

23. Pimp: The Story Of My Life by Iceberg Slim


This was a probelmatic book for me, but easily the most interesting thing I read this month.  I don’t think I have ever read a more misogynistic book than this autobiography.  The pimping code is shocking by any standards, built as it is upon systematic exploitation using a combination of mental and physical abuse.  The intricacies of this abuse system are detailed with unflinching honesty and that is possibly enough to make it compelling.  However, it’s the introspection in the writing which elevates it to something beyond simple schlock.  For Iceberg Slim, the enduring legacy of a ghetto lifestyle is regret, shame and guilt.

Almost as good as Edward Bunker’s Mr Blue, which I read earlier this year.  Almost.

24. A Killing In Comics by Max Allan Collins


The first part in a trilogy of books starring Jack and Maggie Star, comic strip publishers with a penchant for solving murder mysteries.  I read the third part in the trilogy last month and it was good enough for me to want to read more.

This one was less predictable than Seduction of the Innocent, but otherwise it really felt like more of the same.

25. Honey In His Mouth by Lester Dent


Lester Dent is the man behind Doc Samson.  This was a decent noir tale about a small-time crook hired to take the place of a South American dictator.

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