52 pick up: August update!

33. Death Wish by Brian Garfield


Most people are familiar with the Bronson movies, but they were based on a book.  This book.  And a very good book it is indeed.  I loved reading this one, but then I loved the movie and I love all things vigilante-related.  Top notch.

34. A Rage In Harlem by Chester Himes


The second Chester Himes novel I have read this year (the first being Cotton Comes to Harlem).  This was even better than the first one, I think.

35. Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard


When I posted about reading Swag earlier in the year, I mentioned that Elmore Leonard’s work sometimes falls flat for me.  I know I should enjoy it, but I struggle to find the enthusiasm.  I liked Swag quite a bit and it made me reconsider my opinion of Leonard’s work, but Get Shorty I genuinely loved.  It was a great book and completely entertaining, so now I need to read some more of these books.

Rest in peace, Mister Leonard.

36. Branded Woman by Wade Miller


Another Hard Case Crime novel to keep me going.  This one had some nice twists, but I didn’t enjoy the writing a great deal.  It might have been partly that Get Shorty was such a hard act to follow.

37. Breakfast Of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut


I have read a lot of Kurt Vonnegut’s work.  Although Breakfast of Champions is not his best, it is still good.  Full of charm and insight.


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