52 pick up: November update!

We’re well into December now, so I’m a bit tardy with this update on my read-52-books-in-a-year challenge.  Nevertheless, here’s what I read in November:

45. Easy Go by John Lange


Yet another Hard Case Crime book, this one part of a set of reissues of Michael Crichton’s early work, written under the John Lange pseudonym.

This is the first Crichton book I’ve ever read and I can’t say I was overly impressed.  I have to make allowances for the fact this is such an early piece of writing, but this just wasn’t as fun as it ought to have been.  I read Plunder of the Sun earlier in the year, which is a similar kind of pulpy tomb-raiding adventure, and which completely captivated me.  I was hoping for something similar from Easy Go, but it managed to be a slightly dreary piece of story-telling.  None of the characters really engaged me, so the drama felt hollow.

46. The Truth by Terry Pratchett


I had a strange yearning to read some Terry Pratchett.  I’ve read the first 24 Discworld novels, so picked up the 25th: The Truth.  It had been a long time since I had read any Pratchett and thought I had kind of grown out of his books, but I absolutely loved reading this book.  Some new characters, some old familiar ones, and I found it very funny and entertaining.

47. Thief Of Time by Terry Pratchett


I liked The Truth so much that I picked up some more Pratchett.  This one was not quite as good, but was a solid read and entertaining nonetheless.

I really wish they had not messed around with Josh Kirby’s awesome cover paintings, though.  When your cover art is that damn good, just let it shine.

Anyway, that was it for November and now I’m on the home straight.


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